We are going to be the best burger chain in the world!

Carbon labeling & offsetting

Our vision is to become 100% climate neutral. Until we reach that goal we are planting trees in Africa to offset our climate impact.

Carbon offsetting

By the CO2e labeling and the tree planting project in Africa, Max is stepping up its commitment to minimize its effect on the environment in the short run. The vision in the long run is to become climate neutral.

Making business of a green profile

Max was awarded – “The green capitalist 2008” by Swedish Weekly business magazine as recognition of the work on making profit of a green profile. This was the first time ever that the price was given and with strong competitors as IKEA and Hilton. We won the ”Green Awards”.

Max CO2e labeling menus

To the left are some examples on the climate impact from each product. The labeling is on display in each restaurant in order to have the information easily accessible to all guests.